A Highly Sensitive Extrovert: A Quick Self-Test

30 percent of us [HSPs] are socially extroverted. As an extrovert, you have large circles of friends and tend to enjoy groups and strangers. Perhaps you were raised in a big, sociable, loving family or safe neighborhood and learned to see people as sources of safety rather than reasons to be on guard. – Elaine N. Aron, “The Highly Sensitive Person”

The Internet is full of resources that allow us to take a self-test and find the answer to the big question: “Am I highly sensitive?” If you’ve never taken this test before, you can do it here (or anywhere else on the web).

The purpose of this post, though, is to go a little further and share with you a quick self-test that will help you figure out whether you are a highly sensitive extrovert.

Photo from freedigitalphotos.net

Are You A Highly Sensitive Extrovert?


First, find a comfy position and remove all distractions. You will need approximately 10 minutes to do the test, so make sure you won’t be disturbed. Calm your mind, a short breathing exercise might be useful in order to relax and get rid of all thoughts. Once you are ready, start reading each statement and then listening to your inner voice for a couple of moments. Does it agree with the statement? Is it about you? If it is at least partially true, answer TRUE. If you can’t relate to what you’re reading, answer FALSE.

1. I usually pay attention to the little details that most of my friends don’t even notice or don’t take seriously.


2. I enjoy spending time with other people but I can easily pick up on their emotions and feelings.


3. When somebody causes me pain (physical or emotional), I seem to take it more personally and sensitively than others.


4. I like going out with friends and I can do it quite often, but I need some downtime afterwards to find privacy and relief from stimulation.


5. I get easily overwhelmed by loud music, cigarette smoke, night clubs and the like. I prefer to meet my friends in a quite place or at home.


6. My friends sometimes don’t understand why I raise some philosophical, religious, metaphysical and other similar topics. Such conversation don’t usually last.


7. When I need to choose where to go with my friends or my partner, I pick something connected with the arts (museum, theater, performance etc.).


8. I am scrupulous and honest, and many people respect me for this (especially in my professional setting).


9. I am afraid of the things that my friends find harmless.


10. It’s hard for me to deal with deadlines which for my friends seem motivating and stimulating.


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